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Three Tables Beach on 5/31/2002
Divin Dave
Divin Dave
May 31, 2002, 12:00 AM
Flat in the spring and summer, don't go during late fall or winter. Snorkel out beyond the tables before you submerge then let the light current assist you along. Visibility is very dependant on the weather, don't expect a great view until at least a week after a heavy rain. This is a two tank dive if you go out far enough, otherwise you can do it all in one tank with air to spare. Bring your lobster bag (when in season)! This is also a great night dive spot as well. Don't leave your vehicle unattended after dark though… With facilities farther down the street it keeps the crowds down during the week. On the weekends get there early morning or late afternoon if you want to park. Overall I give this site a thumbs up.