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Airplane Wreck on 1/14/2014
Eric Allender
Eric Allender
Jan 14, 2014, 12:00 AM
We were here several years ago, and very much enjoyed our snorkel here. But we returned on January 8, and found that the resort on the site is now a vacant, stripped shell, and it was being used for military training by the Curacao military/militia, who were firing rounds of practice ammunition. We saw a few porcupinefish and porkfish, and there was some healthy-looking coral and sponges for a while -- and then we completely lost all visibility because of some change in the current. All of the water outside the artificial lagoon was opaque in a matter of minutes. Very disappointing! [I'm a snorkeler, not a diver, but I've done a lot of snorkeling around the world.]