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Blue Grotto on 4/16/2009
Eric from High Springs
Eric from High Springs
Apr 16, 2009, 12:00 AM
My wife recently got certified and this was her first 'real' dive in water other than a pool. For someone learning to dive? I believe it is absolutely great. Large concrete steps with handrails allowing people to walk secure with their gear. Platforms to help instead of a new diver kicking/swimming around and stirring up the bottom. Nice wood tables and restrooms outside, not exactly the Ritz, but still, you can't expect the owners to keep the place spotless with people tracking in all the dirt. For anyone that has done more than 2 dives? Not worth it. $40 entrance fee is steep in my opinion, plus there really isn't anything to see except a hole and a wall. Again, somewhere for a newbie to learn? Perfect! Other than that, not worth it.