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Turtle Reef on 12/24/2009
Dec 24, 2009, 12:00 AM
This is my favorite dive! It is awesome and I would suggest it to any new divers! The mini wall is great and you can get right up close to a huge school of tarpon! Unfortunately I have yet to see a turtle there but I have seen a variety of other sea life. The reason why I like diving there better than a shore dive somewhere in Georgetown is because there are no boats driving by where you are diving. It's feeling more like you are diving in a natural unexplored place! And when you are done with your dive there is a ton of space to dry your things and don't forget to grab some much at the bar there. They have awesome food and it's a very chill place to hang out! I have never snorkeled there but I'm sure it would be good. Just make sure to have your feet covered because the entrance is covered in sea urchins which is no problemo as along as you have water shoes! BOTTEM LINE DIVE HERE YOU WILL LIVE IT!