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Police Beach on 8/14/2003
Frank Brooks
Frank Brooks
Aug 14, 2003, 12:00 AM
"Police Beach", as the locals call it, fronts Hale`iwa Beach Park on O`ahu's North Shore near Pua`ena Point. This site is well known for its deep drop-off and spectacular reef. If you want deep diving, head over the drop-off and explore along the edges or go deeper to explore some of the numerous caves and overhangs. You'll see large pelagic fish including Jacks, Rainbow Runners, and sharks. If you want to stay in a comfortable depth range (less than 30 feet), remain above the reef fronting the beach park and follow along the many trenches within the reef. Here you'll find many turtles, trigger fish, and Palanis'. Watch out for thrill craft as they frequently use the area adjacent to the Hale`iwa boat harbor.