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Mangel Halto Reef on 2/19/2012
George Stuart
George Stuart
Feb 19, 2012, 12:00 AM
Snorkeled Mangel Halto with my son yesterday, weather, visibility, current were all great. It was a little windy and some wave action was present, but entry was very easy at the mangroves, and exit at the stairs likewise. Saw barracuda, turtle, all the typical reef dwellers. The Cabin Cruiser wreck is within the cove, and marked by a small buoy (a bleach bottle tied to a line) and is very hard to see from shore. Based on other descriptions, we were looking much too far out, past the breakers... which is where we saw the 'cuda and the turtle, but not where the wreck is. The wreck is in the cove, in the deeper water where the white sand is, favoring towards the mangrove end of the deep bowl within the cove. The best reef and fauna is out deeper, i.e. farther from shore, towards and past the breakers. Great site overall, lots of variety in depth, reef, and things to see. No wonder dive schools often bring their classes here from other areas.