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Venice Beach on 7/24/2006
Greg in Nokomis
Greg in Nokomis
Jul 24, 2006, 12:00 AM
Three easy sites at Venice beach to get lots of small fossil shark's teeth. Typically you can get 50-200 in an easy shore dive. The pros (yes there are pro teeth divers) can get up to 1000 per dive. Swimming around looking for big Megalodon teeth (rare near the beach) drastically reduces the number of small teeth you will recover. Experience and knowledge of local conditions allows time to be spent in productive spots rather than over sand. Conditions are usually 5-10 feet vis in the summer which is plenty for looking for teeth on the bottom 3 feet from your face. But most local people dive solo or solo at the same time when other solo divers are in the water. The only effective way to dive with a buddy and to look for teeth at the same time is to be tethered to your buddy with a buddy line. In warm still water 15-18 feet deep a couple of hundred feet from shore most divers feel comfortable without a buddy. We also have 2 vacation units a few miles away in Nokomis; you can check them out at -- if you stay with us, I'll be glad to show you the ropes!