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Venice Beach on 11/13/2005
Nov 13, 2005, 12:00 AM
This was one of the last 3 dives I've done at Venice (sharky fishing pier area). I went out to about 15 ft. There was 1 to 2 ft vis out to 18 ft, and, about 1/4 mile and north of pier, 3 to 6 ft vis or better. But finding only2 small teeth it, seems the beach renourishment has covered the teeth I've been diving here for about 12 years by both dive boat and beach. The amount of teeth keeps going down as well as the size. One of the reefs is under 5 ft of sand. It used to be the first reef found in about 8 ft of water. The town of Venice needs to change to the 'Ex-shark tooth capitol of the world.' I'll still keep diving here, and hope some of our storms uncover the teeth. It's got to get better, since it can't get any worse! I've had great days out here, and I hope it comes back.