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Ahukini Landing on 6/6/2004
Hypnotized by The Garden Isle
Hypnotized by The Garden Isle
Jun 6, 2004, 12:00 AM
Went diving the day after an unusually bad storm. The vis was so/so due to the storm. I am a relative beginner but overall I had fun. One BIG drawback for me was climbing down the huge sharp looking lava chunks wearing my gear and tank (worrying about falling). I was anxious by the time I got to the water. I would also HIGHLY recommend wearing good GLOVES and Full length wetsuit or something to cover your legs. I wore a shorty and NO GLOVES and I paid the price with cuts all over my hands and legs from exiting on the Lava. OUCH! Overall would go there again but better equipped. I was told it was a great night dive but I couldn't imagine myself going down those rocks AT NIGHT!!! Lots of people snorkeling near shore, saw several pods of spinner dolphins just off shore, lots of fish and sea life. As they say, even a so/so day diving on Kauai beats a good day anywhere else.