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Blue Heron Bridge on 2/23/2013
Isaac Pelletier
Isaac Pelletier
Feb 23, 2013, 12:00 AM
This summer my family went down to Florida (primarily for diving). The trip was amazing and this was one of the nicest places that we went. This Bridge offers a wider variety of sea life, but if you are really into seeing big stuff (sharks, turtles, Mantas, Groupers), then this place may not excite you a ton. The likelihood of seeing a shark is very low compared to places like Lauderdale by the sea (another great place). I have been on 4 dives at this location and I have seen some rays, a snake eel, an octopus, a scorpion fish, countless barracuda, and many other beautiful tropical fish. I have heard that spotted eagle rays and manatees are not extremely rare here either. The main thing that you should worry about is getting in at the right time. We got in about a half hour before high tide and stayed until about a half hour after high tide. This left us time for a good dive. The snorkeling here is decent, but most of the exciting sea life is under the bridge, which may be difficult for some people to snorkel, but there is a small boat that is separate from the bridge that is easy for snorkelers to get to. This boat is surrounded by some very nice fish including large angelfish. Overall, I would say that this site is a 4.5 out of 5. (The .5 off would be due to the window of time to dive)