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Old Kona Airport Beach on 11/21/2003
Itziar Aretxaga
Itziar Aretxaga
Nov 21, 2003, 12:00 AM
This is a great site: best in the morning, with high tide with no swell. I have seen great marine life on the four occasions we have dived here, turtles included. It remains one of my favorite sites on the island. A warning though: this time we got a rucksack robbed from the boot of our car, which was parked in the north side. There were many other cars and people in the site at the time (12:00-13:00). The thieves smashed the lock of the front door and opened the boot from inside. The locals say it is increasingly common, and most people tend not to lock their cars and leave no valuables inside. Just be cautious.