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07/06/2015        3.97      Playa Lagun Curacao, ABC Islands
I have dove many places in Curacao and was told of the reefs at this location. To my surprise I found areas of wonderful coral formations in aprx. 30-50' of water. I dove out on the left side and found the 'better' reef formations closer to right side facing. Found large lionfish tucked inside these coral formations.
07/15/2014        3.08      Superior Producer Curacao, ABC Islands
The location of the ship has not been marked for years. Current law states that if there is a cruise ship at the mega pier one is not allowed to dive. Currents can really change at this site and this particular day they were the worst I ever experienced. Yes, the dive was fun and enjoyed the wreck but the currents were so strong no one else made it to the wreck. Staying behind the wheel house was fine, (or inside) but once in direct flow it was a workout, (and air consumption went quick) See my video of how to locate the ship from shore.
02/08/2014        4.02      Cas Abao Curacao, ABC Islands
Dove here four times and enjoyed all dives. Both ends offer something to see, and the current and waves are very mild. Dive shop right on beach and they are very nice. Fun place to spend the afternoon/day and dive. Well worth the trip.
02/08/2014        3.85      Daaibooi Curacao, ABC Islands
I finally made the trip to dive here (as I live right around the corner at Coral Estates). I was pleasantly surprised to find the reef conditions as they are and some unique reef life. Swim out is not bad, (but farther than some). I snorkeled on the way out and enjoyed the rock formations. I stayed to the left heading out. Will dive here again. Decent little beach too.
07/18/2012        4.60      Port Marie Curacao, ABC Islands
Second trip to Curacao in 6 months. Porto Marie is a great place to spend the entire day. Great beach, dive facilities, rest., bar and great water. Beach is near Coral Estates which is outstanding in itself. They have a house reef that will soon be re-open with a new dive shop, rest., spa, etc. Easy dive and double reef offers different interests and levels. Stay a little to right of the swim platform and drop down between markers right before water color changes. We stayed on the white sandy bottom for about 75' until we came to the second reef. We were at a depth of 125' and ran parallel with the second reef. Then to 85' of depth and turned back at 60' of depth. Two large spotted moray eels, larger snappers, blue tangs... Everything was great as we headed back to the first reef and thought I hooked my new dive camera to my BC. I expect it should be in Aruba by now... Wonderful place for divers and non-divers. Safe, fun, relaxing and beautiful!
03/23/2012        4.46      Playa Kalki Curacao, ABC Islands
We dove here Feb. 2012. Walk out on the pier and a short swim to the reef. Quickly drops down to 40' then a moderate slop on the wall as we went down to 135'. Vis was not as good as Summer but 50-70' is nothing to complain about. There is a large rope that runs from end of pier to bottom. Makes for great guide line going down or coming north or south on reef, (for locating and going back to pier). Dive shop is great and very nice. There are rinse tanks too as well as a shower. Air tanks priced well at $8. Kura Hulanda is very nice to stay at too.
12/10/2010        3.70      Rainbow River Florida, USA East
This was my first trip to Rainbow River and was pleasantly surprised by the lack of people there, (Oct-April). Only $3 to enter and park car, (other springs charge $35+ to dive). We rented a canoe and put all our gear (2 of us) and paddled up river. Careful not to go too far as we passed the 'hole' and didn't realize until we saw the sign 'no diving' at the state park. Depth ranged from 5-22' and had some fun things to look at. Temp always around 72 degrees and water viz is very good. Nice fun dive when the ocean waters are too cold and the fresh water is a plus.

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