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06/07/2016        3.94      Morrison Springs Florida, USA East
I started diving at Morrison Springs in the mid 90s. Upon my first visit to this site, I was struck by the beauty and feeling of time travelling that I got when the truck tires left pavement and we pulled down amongst the cypress trees to the edge of a glittering blue pool. My family and I spent the day diving and swimming there, and I believe the entry fee was 5.00 per carload paid at the quaint little air fill station at the top of the hill. Since that day, I have logged hundreds of dives in Morrison Springs, watching it change dramatically over the years. I remember when the dive center shut down, when the building was removed and when the county closed it to divers and swimmers to begin the process of revitalizing it. To see it now, with the pavilions and walkways, it looks nothing like the Morrison springs that I first dove, but the conveniences are well.... convenient. This is a perfect location for conducting entry level and refresher dives, and if you get there early, with the mist rising off the water and the old cypress trees surrounding you, with glimpses of what Morrison used to be, you can still get transported back in time just like I was all those years ago.
04/23/2013        4.11      St. Andrews Jetties, Panama Beach Florida, USA East
As a long time diver at St Andrews, I have found the conditions there to be great for divers of all skill levels. There is a 20 foot deep shelf along the north end that tapers down to around 80 feet as you head out into the gulf. This has been one of my favorite dive sites since I was first certified in 1998, and I have logged hundreds of hours underwater here. I would suggest it to anyone for the ease of entry, diversity of life and potential for adventure that exists just below the surface.
04/13/2010        3.92      St. Andrews Jetties, Panama Beach Florida, USA East
Well, I reported on here a while back about the jetties, and I would have to say I still love them. I am now teaching SCUBA in Panama City Beach, and have a chance to dive the jetties several times a week. This is still one of the best shore dives anywhere. I love to drift along the jetties and watch the animals out there. To date, I have seen everything from blennies to eagle rays to manatees hanging out on those rocks. If you are a diver and are in the area, dive them, as long as the conditions are right, you will not find a better dive site.
04/16/2005        3.64      St. Andrews Jetties, Panama Beach Florida, USA East
I've made this dive several times over the past few years and have found it very relaxing. Climbing over the rocks in full scuba would be a foolish venture, but easy access lies only feet away. I really enjoy night dives on the beach side, just out along the rocks and back. The area really comes alive when the sun goes down. It is still a bit chilly, but no problem with a wetsuit. I'm planning on getting out to the jetties more frequently for some dives, and would love the opportunity to dive with some new people. Try52 (at)hotmail (dot) com

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