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Thank you for dropping by to what we consider to be the most unique and comprehensive Shore Diving site found anywhere on the web.  We are pleased to present to the scuba diving community, a resource which will become a basic part of your vacation and dive planning.  We are proud of the pictorial catalog we have compiled and hope you enjoy using the free information as much as we have enjoyed producing it.  Take your time to soak-up  the 'art' of this web site, and use it to dream about your next 'adventure'!


Our Philosophy

Like you, we are explorers.  We enjoy traveling, seeing new sights, and diving exotic locations.  We crave the adventure of sinking into the unknown, interacting with life in its most primal environment, and anticipating the thrill of new discoveries. We are Shore Divers.  We enjoy moving at our own pace, relaxing at a solitary beach, and sharing unique experiences with our fellow divers.

But, of course, it's not always that simple!  You've heard that "adventure is never fun while it's happening..."?  Well, consider the typical shore dive 'adventure': you spend half the morning trying to find the dive site; once you’ve found it, you discover you need a 4-wheel drive to get to the water's edge; to your surprise, there is neither drinking water nor facilities; the entry is rocky and beyond your experience level; the wind and seas are intolerable on ‘this side’ of the island.

How could you possibly have a good time with so much uncertainty?  Well, here's how!

Within this web site, you'll be given complete directions to each dive location, including precise GPS coordinates to eliminate confusion.  In our "…pictures worth a thousand words…", you will see what to expect once you arrive, including the road turn-off, road type, parking availability, and entry conditions.  Aerial photographs will provide vivid detail of reef formations and the best places to explore. 

In short, with ShoreDiving.com, you'll be able to plan your dive before you arrive, making your adventure both fun and relaxing.


Our Founders

At the dawn of the Internet Age, we two avid shore divers, Brent McGee and Steven Oakey, decided to dive into documenting all our favorite shore diving sites.   We obtained the required domain names, learned a bit of website programming, and what you see before you is the fruit of our tireless efforts.  A labor of love.

We hope you are enjoying the website, and feel more knowledgeable and safer as a result!



Other Opportunities for You

Please share your own reviews of shore diving sites.  Click the Review link found on each site page and contribute.  We all need your input!


Thank you again for visiting ShoreDiving.com!


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