Words of Wisdom
Shore diving and snorkeling are lifetime adventures that can be safely enjoyed  with proper training, conditioning and the application of common sense. Whether you should be diving in a particular place at a particular time depends on your skill level, your current physical condition, your equipment and the diving environment. You need to make your own judgment as to the diveability of any particular situation.  No one else could or should make that determination for you.

You may use references such as scuba magazines, scuba web sites, local scuba shops, or even a personal on-site guide to help you in your decision process, but you remain ultimately responsible for your own safety.  This is the nature of shore diving.  You and only you must decide if it is safe for you to enter the water.  Once you have total confidence in your decision to enter the water and dive safely, only then should you go forward and proceed with this singularly unique and exhilarating experience: 

Shore Diving!

Practice the Art; Enjoy the Adventure!


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