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#1 - Keystorm

USA, New York

St. Lawrence River, Ontario

#2 - American

USA, New York

This dive is not recommended for beginners! It is not advised to stay a long time without an air reserve. The crew of the dive boat must have a way to signal you the arrival of a cargo boat for example. Also please take note that if you don't control adequately your buoyancy you may touch the bottom which is covered of crude oil...not easy to clean. It is extremely important to take note that any cargo ship passing by will create a large water draft. You must be prepared for any situation. For example, if you are 40' deep and you have to make a rapid ascent (for any reason), you may find yourself directly under the propeller!!! If such a situation has to arrive, stick to the bottom!. Dump the air of your BC. Watch your air. Have a reserve of air or a second bottle of air, be near your buddy otherwise, and stay calm! Wait for the boat to pass. If nothing goes wrong then you will have a full bottle of air for your next dive...