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#1 - Radeau

USA, New York

Just an all around cool dive. This is the oldest war ship in North America. Even if you have been diving for awhile, this is a terrific dive. The 1758 Land Tortoise radeau warship, flagship of "The Sunken Fleet of 1758" Charter Boat Great operation, we use them when we were in the area. Top notch outfit.
Rogers Rock

#2 - Rogers Rock

New York, USA East

Rogers Rock (or Slide) is a very steep cliff that extends from a mountain deep into Lake George. Lots of boulders, and multiple thermoclines are to be encountered. From the beach at the Association camping area, swim left (north) around the bay and you will encounter Juniper Island. Juniper is a small island that is separated by a 2 or 3 foot deep channel which divers and campers have been alternately filling in or deepening over the years. Depending on who had the last say, you may be able to swim through a shallow cut between the island and the shore, or may have to take a short swim around the island. Once past the island you are at the start of the slide. Huge boulders, lots of vertical rock make this an interesting place to dive. Viz in the 30 foot range is fairly normal. Rogers Rock is located in the NYS Rogers Rock campground. To reach it take Adirondack Northway to Lake George and take rt 9 up the west side of Lake George to the campground, about 3 mines north of Hague. Shore access is best from the Association area campsite. This is often rented by the week, In September there are often several SCUBA clubs that rent the area and divers are welcome.