English Garden

English Garden
Bonaire South
ABC Islands


Site Review by
 Jim O
Date: 09/01/2017


Site Condition
(1=worst, 5=best)

Name:  Jim O Entry:    4.00
Email:   Click Here Bottom:    4.00
City:   Grand Junction Reef:    4.00
State:   CO Animal:    4.00
Country:   USA Plant:    5.00
Diving:   8 years Facilities:    3.00
 Dives:   156 Solitude   4.00
    Roads:    5.00


*Average:    4.12
3rd Trip Bonaire. Awesome! Did 16 dives at 14 different sites. (Just hacking on ya Brad. I read your intro' about 12 times at different sites to my wife until we started laughing each time. And if you did 23 dives in a week...you ARE the man!). We completed a dive at Invisibles and got on the road towards White Slave for a surface interval and to look White Slave over from the shore. There is a nice little shade tree at this site so we pulled under it for a bit while we off-gassed. I walked over to the shore and could see a step-off point and so told my wife, 'Why don't we just dive this unmarked spot'? So we did! And if you like the soft corals? This IS the place for you! I thought I'd discovered a new site and was all set to call it 'Pink Slave' as it sites between the two sites, but have just found it under the 'undiscovered sites' as English Garden. And that really is a splendid name! In places, it does look like it was arranged for beauty. It's not hard to find, as you head south you'll see two yellow rocks at two entrances about 200' apart for Pink Beach. Just a 1/4 mile or so past the southern rock you'll see a structure on the hill that looks a bit like a silver and black chimney (old mooring tie-off point). There is a vacant lot with the previously mentioned tree and you can see the white obelisk from White Slave from this lot just a few hundred feet south. We entered towards the pink beach side as we found a 2' step down from the edge of the ancient coral to the bottom. and it can be hard to see the bottom if the waves are bashing about creating poor viz. Then, like many other sites you have to walk out for several feet on old wave-polished coral that has holes in it so watch your step. Also on a different day there were several snorkelers that were in right in front of the shade tree so there may be a better entry point there. Once in, we found a couple large cement blocks that are a part of the old mooring system. If you head just a bit SW from those blocks there is a good colony of garden eels at about 25' depth. We did our dive to the south as there was a bit of current when we started and we wanted to dive into the current. Just a really beautiful dive, my wife's favorite for the week. The lion fish hunters have missed this location and it shows as we saw several on 2 different dives. Most of the coral looked pretty healthy and we didn't see as much bleaching. Soft corals looked very healthy. Enjoy!    

Enjoyment Level

Snorkel:    4.00
Beginner:    4.00
Intermediate:    4.00
Advanced:    4.00
Night diving:    3.00

Seasonal Information

Season:    Summer
Year:    2017
Visibility:    4.00
Current:    4.00
Surf:    4.00

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